Growing up in the Whispering Pines family, I have done almost everything, picking and packing shipments, working in the retail stores in the summer to even modeling in the catalog- this was one of the perks of growing up in a family business, and this was not just any family business this was a business that was built on true love- a love for all things rustic, vintage, pretty, elegant mixed with a cabin state of mind and feel. When I got engaged last July I knew two things, one, I was going to marry the best person I had ever met and two, I wanted a “Whispering Pines Wedding”. I was sure about the first thing, but the second thing gave me a bit of anxiety, since I did not really know how to bring this vision to life. I had grown up with Whispering Pines all around me but how could I translate that to my wedding. I started with the colors and believe it or not I was inspired by a gift box someone had given me that had a wonderful green color to it and the loveliest color of brown ribbon I could ever imagine. So there it was, the first part of this wedding journey, I knew everything else would be based around this color green, brown and then I would add some cream in the mix.

I am not sure where most brides start their idea planning but mine was to pick bridesmaids dresses. I did not plan on this being the first real wedding detail to be locked in, it just happened. I have 7 bridesmaids, yes, that’s right 7. I knew that all of these 7 women were special to me in some way and there was no way they were all going to look good in the same dress, plus I wanted them to express their own style and feel comfortable. Where is this magical place where bridesmaids can do this you ask….J.Crew. All of my girls have been able to pick a dress from the “Little Back Dress” collection in the same color- chocolate brown. These wonderful dresses offered just what I was looking for, style, elegance, options and all at a range of prices. The J.Crew wedding & party collection is truly capturing the feeling of a “Whispering Pines Wedding”!