So what does a WP bride look like? Well, I am sure there are several different types but I found some pictures that I think really sum up a WP bride. Think you are a WP bride? Or did you have a WP style wedding? Then please feel free to send in some photos and we will post some up here on our blog.

I love how beautiful this bride looks with an almost effortless feel about her, plus I think the small amount of color on her dress really gives it that something extra all the while keeping the classic bride look.

The silhouette on this dress is amazing…hey, no one says you can’t wear a full skirt when having a rustic wedding! This dress is very similar to the one I will rock on August 1!

This dress seems to have the perfect mix of fantasy wedding dress and a nature inspired theme. Also, check out the small deatil of the green ribbon on this dress, such a small deatil but has a great impact.

The hair alone in this shot is enough to get me excited let alone the amazing dress (J.Crew). Don’t cast out the idea of gold jewelry or accents just because at first they may not seem right for a rustic setting. Gold sometimes can be the perfect amount of sparkle and often times can add a touch of sophistication.

{picture credit: Bride Magazine}