Think zinc with a few of the items in the WP wedding & table collection. With three different zinc options you will run out of time before you run out ways to use these zinc tags and place cards.

Zinc Tag:

These little zinc tags make for a great place card for your guest or as a gift tag, use chalk if you want to use these tags multiple times or write with a paint pen for a more permanent solution, either way you can’t lose. Tags measure
2″ × 3″ and have space to tie string. String not included.Pack of 6 $14.00

Zinc Bistro Place Card Collection:

These fun and unique place cards come in two fun styles, Plaque or Fleurish and will look great whether you use chalk to write on them or a more permanent paint pen, they look great lined up on a table. Looking to add a bit of French County to your wedding, this is it. Plaque or Fleurish style.
Box of 6 $15.00