There have been so many wonderful weddings in history that we could talk about and show off but when I found this great montage I thought this summed it up pretty well. Here are some of the great weddings in history.

Top left and middle: Grace Kelly wedding to Prince Rainier
Top right: Audrey Hepburn’s marriage to Dr Andrea Dotti
Middle left: Audrey Hepburn’s marriage to Mel Ferrer.
Middle: Princess Diana wedding to Prince Charles.
Far right middle: King Edward VIII became the first British king to abdicate the throne for his American divorcee bride Wallis Warfield Simpson.
Middle lower left: Marilyn Monroe marriage to playwright Arthur Miller.
Bottom left: is the wedding of John Kennedy to Jaqueline Bouvier.
Bottom middle: Above is Princess Margaret to Anthony Snowden, and immediately below this photo is Queen (Princess then) Elizabeth marriage to Prince Philip.
Bottom right: Hollywood royalty is the first marriage of Elizabeth Taylor to Nicky Hilton of the famous hotel chain. He was killed shortly after their marriage. The bottom right photo is Elizabeth Taylor marriage to Richard Burton.

{photo credit: lucky in love}