Today we have a real wedding that look place in Hastings, MN. This wedding has a classic Midwest feel with tons of fun ideas and charm. Here are my top 3 favorite things about this wedding...there are actually so many things I love about this wedding it is hard to pick only three but I will try!

1. The use of the baby's breath flowers. The bride carried it along with her bridesmaids and she even used them on the tables and for the ceremony. I used baby's breath at my own wedding and I have to say for a summer wedding they look amazing!

2.The use of mason jars. Maybe it is a Midwest thing (I got married at a resort in the WI town where my family summers, I used mason jars for so many different purposes ) these little (and inexpensive) friends can be used as vases, glasses and so much more!

3. The glass jars filled with smore fixing... what a wonderful way to end a night!

(eat, drink, pretty)