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Rustic Wedding Chic by Whispering Pines


June 11, '09 by Maggie P

Today I wanted to show off some yummy food pictures that would be a great addition to any wedding or celebration. All of these photos came from Martha Stewart Wedding online and will make not only your mouth water but maybe you look forward to planning the food for your big day!

This cheese plate just screams summer to me and I love the little rustic detail of the wood plate and the little pail with the little toothpicks.

I think this display of cheese is wonderful looking and will keep guest happy. All too often I feel that at weddings people like to try to go over the top with appetizers, this simple cheese display looks beautiful and all the guest will be happy.

Don’t forget the cake…who would forget a cake like this one! The beautiful colors in this cake is what I think makes it appealing along with its simplicity. This is the perfect summer wedding cake if you ask me.

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Under the Big Tent

June 10, '09 by Maggie P

As I promised yesterday I have some great pictures of tent decor from once again Zephyr event company out of California. A tent makes a great location for a wedding because it is a blank canvas and can be transformed into anything. Here are some shots for inspiration.

The simple green and creame colors look amazing in this tent and I love the look of the natural tent poles, so much more attractive than the metal ones.

Does this tent not have the most perfect natural and earthy yet sophisticated feel to it? I love the tree branches around the poles and the farm tables with an unconventional wedding chair.

I am a big fan of the “lounge” area at a wedding, this space offers a wonderful spot for guest to relax and talk or even hang out and watch as the dance floor heats up! I will be creating my own “lounge” are at my wedding in August with benches and chairs. I have an entire tent just dedicated to dancing with the surrounding area for the “lounge”.

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We Love Table Decor

June 09, '09 by Maggie P

Today I wanted to show off what I thought are some of the best looking rustic wedding table decor that I have recently seen. All of these photos come from the Zephyr event company which is located in California. I think these tables have such a wonderful relaxed yet elegant feel to them that any bride would be happy with this décor at her reception.

Just wait until tomorrow when I feature the amazing tent decor that this company does!

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Post It.

June 08, '09 by Maggie P

When sending out your wedding invitation it is not fully complete until you find the right stamp to go with it. I looked and looked for just the right stamp to go on my invitation and finally found the perfect one after some searching and waiting for the new stamps to come out. I went with the fun and romantic King and Queen stamp.

Since I am getting married to man from New Hampshire I would not be doing my job if I did not show off this amazing stamp from this amazing state. This stamp could really complete the perfect rustic wedding look.

How great would this one look!

Or this one…

Or this one, the possibilities are endless.

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A Few of My Favorite Things!

June 04, '09 by Maggie P

Today I wanted to show off a few of my new favorite things! The first picture I am in love with and they will be the flowers that I walk down the isle with. These new J.Crew shoes I think are just so beautiful, they look like a work of art. These shoes would look amazing on a bride or a bridesmaid and then you can team up these great shoes with our Southport Bracelet which I think adds just the right amount of sparkle and nautical charm to an outfit.

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Barn Wedding

June 03, '09 by Maggie P

I found these wonderful shots from what looks like the perfect barn wedding! What would be more Whispering Pines than having a barn wedding!

Credits: The Brides of Oklahoma Blog & Jesse Reich Photography

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A Seaside Affair

June 02, '09 by Maggie P

A rustic wedding does not always mean a woodsy location- a rustic wedding can mean anything you want it to mean. Today I wanted to focus on the goodies we have for seaside weddings. How irresistible are the Martha’s Vineyard place card holders and the Anchors Away favor? And don’t forget about our great Location Pillows

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A Dream Rustic Wedding

June 01, '09 by Maggie P

Today I came across some photos of a wedding that was designed by Beth Helmstetter with photos from Jose Villa Photography. This is like a dream rustic wedding, this wedding sums up all that the Whispering Pines Wedding collection is all about, rustic charm and wedding elegance. All I can say is I want this to be what my wedding looks like and ENJOY!

credit: Beth Helmstetter Events LLC

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Just makes you feel good

May 29, '09 by Maggie P

Since it is a rainy day here in CT I thought I would put up an inspiration board to remind us of the sunny days of summer. I just love this board that I put together for no other reason then it just makes me feel inspired. Inspired for summer, for weddings, for family, for friends, for warm days and good times. By the way the top two flower pictures are the flowers that I will be having on the long tables at my wedding recpetion.

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Flower Power

May 28, '09 by Maggie P

I found these images over at Bride Magazine and thought both of these centerpieces would be a great option for a Whispering Pines type of wedding.This centerpieces would look great in one of our Birch Pots or in one of our Farmhouse Pails

How about placing this centerpiece in one of our baskets like the Woven Basket or the Birch Window Box

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Good Luck!

May 27, '09 by Maggie P

I found this image over at Bride Magazine and was immediately drawn to it. I think this is the perfect mix of rustic charm and elegant wedding decor and would be just the best little favor! This look is easy to achieve and can be done by using our Good Luck Horseshoes

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Rustic Wedding Flowers

May 26, '09 by Maggie P

Flowers play such an important role in a wedding, they really help set the tone for the feel and design of the event. When looking for the perfect flower for my rustic wedding I knew that Baby’s Breath could be the perfect rustic summer flower. This flower embodied the simple yet elegant look that I was trying to achieve for the entire wedding. All of my bridesmaids will be carrying a bundle of Baby’s Breath, similar to this picture with a cream ribbon tied around the base. I will also be using Baby’s Breath in the arrangements at the reception, large bundles will be placed in galvanized buckets all around in different areas of the wedding site. These pictures really show off the simple beauty of Baby’s Breath.

Photo Credit: Lucas Allen

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Wrap me in Warmth

May 21, '09 by Maggie P

I found this picture over at our friend Elizabeth Anne Design’s blog compliments of Heidi Ryder photography and thought this picture and idea was beautiful and could easily be accomplished with our Harborside Wraps.

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May 19, '09 by Maggie P

Today I thought I would inspire you with some wonderful summertime rustic wedding shots. I can’t wait until summer is really upon us and I can feel the warmth of the sun. I think these pictures really speak for themselves, I find them to be truly inspirational.

Don’t you just want to be this girl- standing lakeside with the wind on your face and the sun on your shoulders!!!

Such a beautiful and romatic spot to have a wedding- we all should be so lucky to say “i do” in a place like this.

Barefoot and fancy free.

credit:Veer Photos

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A Rustic Wedding Wonderland

May 18, '09 by Maggie P

A rustic wedding can take on many shapes and forms and is just as unique as the two people getting married. I found these images off of an event planners site and thought it really summed up an elegant and rustic wedding.

Photo Credit:knightlightevents

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Greetings from Simple Elegance-

May 15, '09 by Maggie P

I love old postcards, I can’t say that enough! When Whispering Pines used to mail out paper catalogs almost ever cover was an old postcard that captured the feeling of the season. One of my favorite parts about being invited to a wedding is the save the date. I don’t know why this became the number one thing I started looking forward to but I think it has something to do with the tiny bit of more creative freedom than the wedding invitation give you. Don’t get me wrong when those wedding invitations come in the mail, I am like a dog with a bone, I can’t rip into them fast enough, but there is something about the save the date that gets me all excited. When it came time for me to pick out my save the date I searched online and though I found hundreds of beautiful options I still was longing for something- that feeling that only an old postcard can capture. I found a vintage Wisconsin postcard in the Whispering Pines stash (we have thousands) and promptly asked my dad (a graphic designer, lucky me!) to make it into my save the date. Now that I have given you the background of the card, look below to check out the final product.

So now that I had the perfect save the date I had to figure out what would keep this rustic vintage trend going at the wedding. I came up with a few of my favorite WP items. Our Lakeside Lantern
Pinecone cachepot Glittering acorn accents the perfect guest book

I look forward to you all contributing your recommendations, wedding photographs, rustic destinations, resorts, camps and cottages…and anything else you want to share! Looking for something you just can’t find, email me!
[email protected]

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A different idea of "The Little Black Dress"

May 14, '09 by Maggie P

Growing up in the Whispering Pines family, I have done almost everything, picking and packing shipments, working in the retail stores in the summer to even modeling in the catalog- this was one of the perks of growing up in a family business, and this was not just any family business this was a business that was built on true love- a love for all things rustic, vintage, pretty, elegant mixed with a cabin state of mind and feel. When I got engaged last July I knew two things, one, I was going to marry the best person I had ever met and two, I wanted a “Whispering Pines Wedding”. I was sure about the first thing, but the second thing gave me a bit of anxiety, since I did not really know how to bring this vision to life. I had grown up with Whispering Pines all around me but how could I translate that to my wedding. I started with the colors and believe it or not I was inspired by a gift box someone had given me that had a wonderful green color to it and the loveliest color of brown ribbon I could ever imagine. So there it was, the first part of this wedding journey, I knew everything else would be based around this color green, brown and then I would add some cream in the mix.

I am not sure where most brides start their idea planning but mine was to pick bridesmaids dresses. I did not plan on this being the first real wedding detail to be locked in, it just happened. I have 7 bridesmaids, yes, that’s right 7. I knew that all of these 7 women were special to me in some way and there was no way they were all going to look good in the same dress, plus I wanted them to express their own style and feel comfortable. Where is this magical place where bridesmaids can do this you ask….J.Crew. All of my girls have been able to pick a dress from the “Little Back Dress” collection in the same color- chocolate brown. These wonderful dresses offered just what I was looking for, style, elegance, options and all at a range of prices. The J.Crew wedding & party collection is truly capturing the feeling of a “Whispering Pines Wedding”!

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Things for the Cabin

May 12, '09 by Maggie P

Here at Whispering Pines we offer “Things for the Cabin” in all shapes and forms. I wanted to show where some of the inspiration comes from, this picture below shows one of our old paper catalog covers along with some of our favorite items. Remember a “cabin” is really just a state of mind; it is any place where you feel happy and comfortable. On the wedding front, as some of you may have read, I am planning my wedding which will take place at my families Northern Wisconsin summer home this August. My invitations have arrived and I will be sharing a photo of them soon. I went for a classic, natural but elegant look that ties together my love of the outdoors but keeps it in the wedding ballpark.

I love this New England pillow; I have a few in my home and plan to have them at my wedding. My fiancé, Jon is from NH and I am from CT. I will place a NH pillow on his seat at the reception and a CT on mine- thought this would be a great way to show a little of our hometown spirit since we are having the wedding at my summer house.

I look forward to you all contributing your recommendations, wedding photographs, rustic destinations, resorts, camps and cottages…and anything else you want to share! Looking for something you just can’t find, email me!
[email protected]

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Whispering Pines Wedding

May 11, '09 by Maggie P

Welcome to our newest addition, Whispering Pines Wedding!

I’m so excited to introduce you all to the newest addition to Whispering Pines, our Rusitc Wedding Collection! It makes its debut today as a place where you can find just the most perfect (and well-priced) things to add style and whimsy to any wedding, whether it’s a lakeside affair, at a mountain top retreat, in a vineyard or urban loft!

We started working on adding a wedding division about 8 months ago. It grew out of a very simple need—I was planning my wedding at our Northern Wisconsin cabin – the continuing inspiration for Whispering Pines—and I was coming up empty! Being the daughter and niece to the original “Whispering Pines Girls” I spent every summer working in the stores, picking and packing items in the warehouse, even modeling in the catalogs. I was determined to find the best stuff I could to make my rustic wedding absolutely perfect.

After lots of searching and many creative challenges, we believe we have created an exciting collection—from the essential to the fun. Join me here as I make my way to the altar—August 1, 2009—Whispering Pines style!

I look forward to you all contributing your recommendations, wedding photographs, rustic destinations, resorts, camps and cottages…and anything else you want to share! Looking for something you just can’t find, email me!
[email protected]

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